BPF’s popular Milan range of concealed sockets are now being supplied with the flush-fit adaptor as standard, at no extra cost.

The Milan Pop Up sockets are the Oxfordshire-based company’s premium range of hidden sockets and are the perfect finish for any kitchen or office environment, especially when used in conjunction with the flush-fit adaptor, which is a key feature of the range.

Originally an optional extra, the flush fit adaptors allow the stylish Milan Pop Up range to sit completely flush in the worktop when retracted, which has proven to be an attractive feature. On top of the flush-fitting feature, which is universal across the range, there are multiple Milan Pop Up configurations including the options of two or three gang power sockets, with or without data ports and now some of the range boast USB sockets and subtle LED.

Pull-out table frames

BPF has recently launched to a brand new range of pull-out table frames. These ingenious frame designs have been developed to maximise space-saving in smaller areas, or where a clutter-free environment is required. Designed to sit neatly hidden away behind a drawer front, this system simply pulls out to reveal the table and offers a choice of table widths to meet almost any requirement.

All that is needed is to add the customer’s choice of top and the result is a versatile table-top, perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, laundry rooms, offices, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Recent applications also include mobile homes, caravans and motor homes.