Kleiberit’s new 431.7 formula operates effectively at 50°C and is ideal for high gloss applications

After the regular application of the adhesive to the MDF panel, and following a recommended 20-30min natural drying time –  or 5-10 through an oven – the panels are then processed through a vacuum-heated press which uses a membrane or air pressure to form the PVC foil onto the shape of the material.

The advantages and benefits of 431.7 can add tangible value to a business, explains Bradly Larkan from Kleiberit UK: “Our new 431.7 formula has a multitude of benefits for manufacturers – for instance, it is a one component formula – no more mixing or waste after shifts, no more cleaning spray lines or disposal of cleaning liquid waste. This of course, leaves more time to produce panels saving money and improving productivity.”

According to Kleiberit, this new formulation allows for continuous spraying without having to stop and clean spray nozzles, which again creates less down time and more productivity options.

Thanks to the construction of the new 431.7 formula, it can be sprayed with nozzle sizes of 1.2–1.8mm and the lay down finish is said to be absolutely smooth. Naturally, for panels using high gloss foils this is a significant benefit to achieve a first class optical finish without defects. With the smaller nozzle sizes there is less overspray which means the adhesive sprayed is utilised on the panel and not wasted, saving money.

Bradly says that 431.7 is easy to use: “50°C is all that is needed to reactivate this adhesive – lower pre-warming temperatures result in better optics for high gloss foils and they also ensure that the silicone or rubber membranes last longer, again resulting in improved quality and cost savings.

“After cross-linking ,the highest heat resistance is achieved, in some cases, over 100°C. Improved quality equals less returns and an improved reputation in the market.”

With the company’s reputation for outstanding customer service, manufacturers can rely on Kleiberit to help achieve superb results as well as improved productivity. Operator training and best practice trouble-shooting guidelines are available from the company.