Being environmentally friendly has become an increasing priority for many modern home owners, and bins which aid household waste management can provide an extremely effective solution to the large amount of waste which is created every day in most homes.

East Coast Fittings (ECF) provides a wide variety of waste bins which can be stored away within kitchen cupboards, thus eliminating the need for a freestanding kitchen bin, which can be unattractive and take up valuable space.

Bins 40, 42, 43 and 44 are designed to make the most of available under-cabinet storage space, and offer a simple and effective way to dispose of rubbish. Featuring full-extension soft-close runners with a load capacity of 25kg, each bin comes complete with containers which are easily fitted to the cabinet door. These separate containers allow waste to be segregated as simply as possible, and integrated plastic formed lids and integral handles ensure that they can be removed quickly and easily.

Available in a selection of sizes, there is sure to be a solution to meet any specification.

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