The Sigma Prima automatic panel beam saw is the perfect solution for small and medium-size companies requiring the cutting and breakdown of all types of panels including chipboard, MDF, MFC, plywood, etc, with a perfect cut finish.

Blade projection on the Prima 50 and 67 is 50 and 67mm respectively, with a 3300, 3800 and 4300mm rip cutting capacity and a choice of 2100, 3200, 3800 and 4300mm cutting depths. A variable saw carriage speed of six to 30m/min and 24m/min for the rear pusher and clamps.

Long-life high performance and quality is due to the use of THK guides instead of round bars for the raising and lowering of the saw carriage and the base derived from the top-of-the-range models. Strong H-shaped beams and rack and pinion for the rear pusher movement with very high positioning precision due to the reading system utilising a magnetic band.

The automatic side aligner, included as standard, slides on THK guides ensuring maximum precision when cross cutting panels, therefore reducing cutting times. The saw carriage, driven by rack and pinion, ensures top finishing quality and long-life performance, which are typical features of much larger industrial machines.

Waste reduction is ensured by special openings in the pressure beam, which eliminates all interferences with the panel grippers and ensures that the entire panel is utilised. Two rack and pinion systems connected by a torsion bar ensure that the vertical pressure beam movements are perfectly aligned.

The beam saw is controlled by the latest PC/PLC control system, with several software options available, such as Wincut (PC/PLC operator's interface) and graphic editor, Cutty (first level cutting optimiser program), 3D Simulator, label printing, Ottimo Perfect Cut (optimiser defined to be used in the office) etc.