In the light of research indicating a growing trend to load kitchen drawers more heavily, Hettich has introduced an 80kg version of its new ArciTech drawer system.

ArciTech sets new standards for the industry with its incredibly smooth running action and stability. Matched with loading capacity up to 80kg – to cope with the trend for heavier loading of drawers – it enables kitchens to be thoroughly prepared for the future.

Hettich UK marketing manager Colin Patterson says: “The preference for drawers below the work surface level has created a much desired minimalist look for the kitchen. A major consequence of this is that much of the overall cabinet load in the kitchen is now borne by drawer runners rather than being static, as in the traditional wall cupboard. The heaviest items such as crockery and non-perishable groceries including bottles and cans, are now far more likely to be stored in a deep, wide drawer than on a shelf.

“It is the availability of wider and deeper drawers which has encouraged their use for heavier items, but this has a double-whammy effect on the drawer runner. Not only are the drawers bigger, but the contents heavier, too. And for good measure, the front panels are weightier than ever.

“For the kitchen designer who values happy customers and wishes to avoid failures within the expected lifespan of the kitchen, the capacity of the runners specified is more important than ever.”
The luxurious action of the Actro runner, with its unique prism principle, sets the industry benchmark for lateral stability and smoothness. Synchronised control guarantees co-ordinated runner action, while the perfectly-balanced Silent System for soft-closure gently shuts drawers while giving them maximum loading capacity. Opening with effortless ease, ArciTech enhances the overall convenience and enjoyment of the modern kitchen.