Sugatsune’s range has always been popular but until recently, the company concentrated on larger, prestige entrance doors with hinges like the HES3D190E – somewhat of a behemoth – supporting doors up to 100kg. Having been convinced of the virtues of the hinge for its flagship openings specifiers, Sugatsune was then looking for a hinge that had the same values but could be deployed on smaller internal doors throughout the development.

With the introduction of the diminutive HES3D-120 it is now possible to source all of the hinges for a project from the same supplier. All of the hinges share the same features and appearance which gives a coherent finish to the project which many will find pleasing.

The quality of the engineering is immediately obvious when handling the hinges. They all have a high tolerance seven-link mechanism which places the centre of arc outside the body of the hinge enabling a true 180º opening. It is super smooth too – one would not want any play on a hinge which can cope with such a high degree of stress in use.

The hinge separates into two parts to make installation and maintenance easier. To install the door the respective halves of the body are installed in routs in the door and the frame from the supplied templates. The door is then placed in position and a guide pin makes it easy to snap the two parts together. Sugatsune says that this can be a one man job, although in the case of a door weighing 100kg another pair of hands might be a good idea.

Adjustment can then be made with a hex key on three axes to get the fit perfect. Subsequently, adjustments can be made whenever required – maybe to allow for settling or shrinkage – particularly important where doors are flush fitting and any variance in fit can be visually interruptive.

Sugatsune aims to be a complete solution for its customers and with this range of adjustable concealed hinges it is achieving that goal.

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