Renolit is a market leader in 3D thermoforming films. Its surfacing products have been developed to meet the highest standards of design, quality and performance. The Renolit 3D Stock Range is presented as two individual brands, each with distinctive and appealing product characteristics.

Renolit Covaren contains the company’s premier 3D films. This stock collection is setting trends with new and sophisticated surface structures. Incredibly realistic woodgrain prints are almost indistinguishable from real wood. The range of solid colours contains metallic effects as well as matt finishes. Superb high gloss films are available in a variety of colours and brilliant decors.

Renolit Alkoren presents a classic collection of woodgrains and solid colours. All the major woodgrain species are available in a range of different shades and tones. Choose between oak, beech, maple, cherry, as well as exotic timbers, and fashionable fruitwoods. A wide range of solid colours covers the whole palette – from light to dark and vibrant to subtle.

Renolit Alkoren Roca – modern industrial design
Among the representatives of antiquity is the new decor Roca with the appearance of rusty metal.

Roca which is making its entrance in the home follows the trend for alternative kitchen finsihes and is available in two different versions which unite an intensive array of colours.

The reddish brown Roca Rust, with brown tones inter-mingled with burgundy red as an accent harmonises particularly well with white and light beige. The second is a lighter variation, Roca Cream, which works best with neutral tones such as off-whites, beige or a light grey.

Renolit Alkoren Rainbow Ash – linear structured ash
Renolit has also introduced of Rainbow Ash, a modern linear ash in to the Renolit 3D stock range.

Rainbow Ash is a contemporary neutral design including beige tones, soft grey wood graining and a gentle highlight. It is combined with a modern structured Melinga emboss which shapes and defines the overall linear design.

Rainbow Ash will suit kitchens, bathrooms or bedroom furniture to give a bright and alternative effect.

Samples are available on request.

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Roca Rust

Roca Cream

Rainbow Ash