Wood panel manufacturer Egger is launching a revolutionary new range of boards into the UK market that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing but at a significantly lower cost.

Its new ST27 range comprises 10 carefully selected decors in neutral solid colours, as well as a painting-grade option – effectively a primed board that the customer can paint in any colour of their choice.

An underlying oak-grain design is in keeping with the look and feel demanded in this sector of the market. Matching 0.8mm edging for each decor can be supplied, as well as a 2mm painting-grade option.

Ideal for carcasses, end panels and plinths – as well as doors – ST27 offers a realistic and low-maintenance alternative to timber without the time-consuming operations that cutting and working with veneers involves, or the amount of waste.

“The kitchen sector has seen an increase in demand for a classic and contemporary painted finish, often in a Shaker style. Painted in muted tones with a heritage feel, it can be used to create an elegant, timeless and high-value look,” says Nick McClughin, head of marketing for Egger UK.

“At the higher end of the market, leading manufacturers are producing bespoke painted timber products in a range of neutral colours. This bespoke approach means customers are able to select a colour of choice and have doors sprayed to meet their requirements.

“With this in mind, Egger has developed the ST27 Collection, which can be used to replicate the highly-popular painted finish to which so many end-users aspire, but are reluctant to pay for. 

“There isn’t really anything like this in the market at the moment, hence the buzz around its launch. Our customers are excited about the new range as it provides them with a product that replicates the look of painted timber or veneer at a price point that may allow them to enter a new market segment, enhance or protect margins, compete at a higher price point or gain market share.”