Leading British designers, manufacturers and of complete bathroom solutions are expanding in one area in particular. The manufacture of bathroom furniture and complete suites to provide customers with a unique and bespoke choice is where this growth is identified and involves specifying new technologies in all areas.

Bathroom furniture is benefiting from design innovation and quality – drawing level with the best the kitchen sector can offer. Leading manufacturers in this sector are at the forefront of this progress and are constantly looking to further innovate and upgrade their product.

This search for being at the cutting edge of product quality  has led leading designers to investigate the revolutionary and award-winning new Finsa Superpan Star board for aspects of their furniture.
Superpan Star is a development of the patented Finsa Superpan board which is the basis for may of the products of this Spanish multi-national provider of Solutions in Wood.

Superpan is essentially a chipboard product with specially enhanced surfaces produced in a continuous process. This involves sandwiching the chipboard core between two layers of MDF-like fibres so that users are presented with surfaces that significantly enhance the quality of further surface preparation – from painting and lacquering to veneer, melamine and foil lamination.

Recently Finsa collaborated with German chemical giant BASF on the Superpan Star development. This involves the introduction of a polymer product called Kaurit Light into the chipboard core of the Superpan board using a process called foamation. The result is a Superpan board with increased strength but weight savings of up to 30% – Superpan Star.

Superpan Star has already achieved great international and UK success and progressive bathroom furniture manufacturers are the latest customers to realise the benefits.

Superpan Star is available from Finsa UK and through approved national distributors.