All you need – edging: Hranipex has brought its full Czech service – complete with 950 decors – into the UK market. 700 are stocked in the UK at any given time, and are available from just 1m and in multiple dimensions. From Kronospan to Egger, and boards from all the world’s most reputable suppliers, Hranipex has the answer to all those board matching headaches.

Of course customers still have a requirement for melamine edging, and this is not a problem for Hranipex. There is a melamine decor for its customers’ needs – likewise for veneer edging available in both 0.6 and 2.0mm in a variety of widths. As a producer of ABS edging, Hranipex looks to offer its customers a one-stop-shop for all their edging requirements.

All you need – service: Since Hranipex’s inception in 1993, the company’s ethos has always been ‘perfect service for all’ – from the smallest independent joiner to the largest furniture manufacturer it guarantees each cusomer will be treated like number one. Hranipex’s aim is to make the customer’s job as simple as possible – if a customer needs to match a board quickly they need simply go to Hranipex’s website and use the edgebanding search feature to find the perfect match for any MFC board in a matter of seconds.

In the rare instance when a customer cannot locate the information from the website, they need simply call the Birmingham office where its team of trained professionals will be happy to assist with any enquiry. Many customers like to match the boards to Hranipex’s decors themselves – that’s why the company supplies a second-to-none sample swatch collection for customers’ reference purposes. Coupled with Hranipex’s super efficient 24-hour delivery there is no reason not to make the call.

All you need – adhesives: Hranipex knows the importance of using the right glue for the job, and most importantly the right glue for the customer’s machine. Use the correct glue and not only will the customer produce the best quality product, but they will also increase the lifespan and productivity of their machine.

For example, many furniture producers use hot melt glues with a high percentage of filler mixed with the glue itself. Users of these products will regularly report difficulties in cleaning the machine and glue application reliability. A service that Hranipex offers is to match the customer’s machine to the optimum glue for that machine – no corners cut, the customer will receive the very best products to get the very best out of their machine every time.

All you need – cleaning products: This aspect of furniture manufacturing is often overlooked, but Hranipex has looked to highlight the importance of cleaning products in the process. Hranipex offers a comprehensive package of practical solutions for its customers, including removing glue from MFC boards after the application of edgebanding.

For example, to avoid damage caused by the use of inappropriate materials to remove glue residue on boards, Hranipex can offer HRX01 board cleaner which is a product perfectly in tune with the composition of glue. HRX01 effortlessly removes it, leaving the board clean and blemish-free. With a cleaner for every requirement there is no reason not to investigate the range further – should detailed advice be required, Hranipex sales representatives will be happy to advise on the best product for the requirements.