Decolan SA is a leading Swiss supplier of HPL and other innovative decorative surfaces, having done so for more than 20 years. The company’s research and development department is fully commited in selecting the most fashionable decors and creating innovative finishes in the vanguard of the design trends. In addition, the company says it provides a good quality, efficient service and of course, the best technical information support its clients require.

Decolan says that understanding customers’ needs is its utmost priority. By communicating with its clients, from fabricators to designers and architects, Decolan says is knows exactly what is needed and can therefore always provide its customers with the best. Moreover, it understands that sustainability is a journey of ongoing improvement and innovation.

The company is investigating alternate methods of minimising its off-fall through waste-to-profit networking where the manufacturing waste becomes material for another product.

Its new Fusion Tech range perfectly reflects the company's green and eco-friendly projects. The Fusion Tech process, as the name implies, is the fusing of a colour or an image into aluminium, FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic), glass, ceramic and fabric. The process embeds the image in the product, leaving the properties of the substrate.

The design options are literally limitless – simply choose a design from Decolan’s extensive image library, or customers can submit an image of choice to create a customised look.

As mentioned, the major advantage of this new Decolan range that you can personalise your surface, chosing any image, a logo or a picture – the Fusion Tech process allows virtually any image to be infused into the substrate of preference. Sheets are coated with a proprietary coating and then images are added using the Fusion Tech infused colour process.

The Fusion Tech range has many qualities and advantages: it has surprisingly high impact abrasion resistance and strong UV, scratch and chemical resistant properties.

Fusion Tech surfaces are suitable both for vertical and horizontal applications, they pass sanitary codes, are very easy to clean and are not damaged by water. Indeed, this unique product is perfect for food preparation areas, bathrooms and other water environments.

Fusion Tech surfaces is an innovative product and it is an ideal platform solution for endless applications such as ospitality, store fixture, display, furniture components, elevators, tabletops, walls, fixtures, architectural and interior design applications.