Hettich’s InLine XL is a new, premium sliding door system providing flush closing for full height doors, and maximum design flexibility with the option of going handle-free.

InLine XL allows users to open sliding doors from the door's outer edge, which allows the clean lines and uncluttered appeal of handleless fronts for kitchens, bedrooms and all living spaces, as well as more convenience for the user.

InLine XL can be used for wood- or aluminium-frame doors up to 2600mm high, in door widths from 750-2000mm and thicknesses from 16-25mm. Doors weighing as much as 60kg are handled with ease and Hettich’s Silent System gently and quietly slows the doors when either opening or closing.

When open, sliding doors rest one in front of the other with no overlap and no spacers required – a real advantage when using internal pot-and-pan drawers.

The integrated height adjustment facility is easy to reach with the doors in place, making for convenient and precise alignment. Infinitely adjustable door reveal and door tilt adjustment also make it easy to achieve a perfect look.

The pre-assembled fitting sets allow quick installation and with just ten different sets to cover all door widths, inventory costs are minimised and logistics simplified.