The Combimat by Columbus Press Technology is a three-in-one press for quick turnaround of batches or one-off pressings, heating quickly yet providing a level of automation that makes 300mm deep pressings easy.

The updated Combimat, shown for the first time on the Columbus stand at Holz-Handwerk, offers all the advantages of the previous model – bending of laminates, flat pressing and veneering, pre-heating and forming of thermoplastic materials, hot forming and 3D lamination – but, according to Manfred Müller (pictured), it now comes with an even better foil laminating program for improved pressing.

The company says the new program really comes into its own when pressing deeply contoured components, such as the 300mm deep bowl demonstrated by the machine on the Columbus stand.

The combination of a heating unit, a forming unit and a foil-laminating unit makes the space-saving Combimat a versatile and adaptable three-in-one machine.

The heating unit and heating hood (equipped with three heaters in the 2.88m x 1.28m press at Holz- Handwerk) are equipped with industrial hot air convection heating which heats up very gently, preventing discolouration of sensitive materials and reducing the likelihood of materials sticking to the working surface. Fully automatic foil laminating processes equate to short cycle times and make for cost-effective production of batches or one-off bespoke workpieces.

There are seven other models in the Columbus range covering most pressing tasks.