In 2013, Riepe unveiled its new wax application system at the Ligna. This system was developed together with Rehau, Hunger, IMA and Leitz and addresses the framing effect on high gloss furniture parts caused by the matt optic on the machined edge radius.

The process, in which a hard wax is applied sparingly onto the matt radius, and then polished, produces a result which makes the furniture part appear almost painted – and the framing effect is eliminated.

Since the show, this automated system integrated into the edgebanding machine has been sold all over the world.

However, this system is only fitted to larger more costly machines. Riepe received numerous enquires from smaller furniture producers wishing to obtain the same quality finish and as a result Riepe developed The Polisher.

The high gloss furniture parts are produced as normal on any edgebanding machine. The only requirement is that the edgebander is fitted with the new Uno profile scraper, developed together with leading tool manufacturers. The Uno profile scraper is also available from Riepe.

These furniture parts are then manually processed on the polisher. The workpiece is fed along the roller table past the three polishing wheels which are angled at 45°. The first lamellar wheel applies the hard wax to the radius and the second and third cloth polishing wheels remove any excess wax and polish to a perfect finish.

Riepe’s polisher enables the quick and cost-effective production of high-gloss furniture parts without the need for significant investment.

Riepe says that the compact construction of the polisher guarantees a user-friendly process and enhances any production.

The polisher, and the products for use with it, are available directly from Riepe, or through its worldwide distributor network.
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