Abet Laminati has launched Lamishield, an innovative new anti-bacterial, high-pressure laminate, designed for use in laboratories, hygienic environments and food preparation areas.

Lamishield is based on BioCote silver-ion technology, integrated within the decorative top layer, to provide a healthy surface which reduces the risk of infection from bacteria and cross-contamination. It also inhibits growth from a broad range of microbes, including fungi and mould, which makes it ideal for high standard hygienic environments.

BioCote technology uses silver’s natural properties to provide continuous anti-bacterial activity within the surface of Lamishield for the lifetime of the laminate. The silver ions actively interact with bacterial proteins by damaging their cells, thereby blocking their DNA replication and promoting formation of reactive oxygen species.

This protection can be applied to most colours and decors within the Abet ranges, offering a wide-ranging and versatile solution to complement any scheme and the widest choice for architects and designers. The technology does not affect normal HPL performance or its appearance in any way other than imparting and enhancing its antibacterial qualities.

All Abet Laminati laminates meet or exceed all European and British performance standards for resistance to wear, heat, moisture, impact and scratching. In addition, they are widely used in situations where high quality performance and design can be carefully crafted together to create an attractive visual experience.

Samples and technical literature are available from Abet.