The KDP 117 SLK-P Airtronic from EDM is fully-automatic machine, which has long been considered the German manufacturer’s flagship model. It is also the first edgebander in the range to include EBM's first zero-glueline solution, Airtronic.

Designed exclusively for woodworking machinery and consumables supplier, Ney Ltd, the Airtronic system – which can also be added to the KDP 114 SLK-P, KDP 115 SLK-P and KDB 116 SLK-P models – eradicates unwanted glue lines, creating a perfect transition from edgeband to panel and providing a hygienic, seamless join.

Gerd Ney, managing director of Ney explains: “The new system will apply premium-coated edging materials up to 3mm thick and, whilst its compatible with hot-melt glues, laser edges and PUR, it doesn't come with the hefty price tag often associated with its laser counterparts.

“Whilst the technology behind the design is complex, the concept is simple,” explains Gerd. “The machine heats compressed air through a fan equipped heater until it reaches its operational temperature. It then irradiates through a nozzle to the inside of the premium-coated edge. It is this process which creates a perfectly seamless edge that is highly heat, moisture and water resistant.”

With a heat-up time of just three minutes, the parameters of temperature, air pressure and speed are optimised for ease of use but can be changed and saved via a touch screen console to work with different edging materials.

All machines in the range feature an extendable panel support to provide stability to large panels during processing and can be specified with a touch screen controller offering the operator the use of 32 pre-defined programmes as well as a full diagnostic.

The flagship KDP 117 SLK-P is the most comprehensively equipped edgebander in the EBM 110 range and includes pre-milling and infeed stations, end trimming, top and bottom rough trim, top and bottom radius trim, corner rounding, edge scraping, glue scraping and buffing.

It will work with components which have a minimum size of just 220mm and will apply edging materials of up to 3mm thick. The addition of the Airtronic system brings increased productivity and production quality.

Gerd adds: “The EBM Airtronic system is a welcome addition to Ney's woodworking machinery range and, with our new range of zero glue line edging available in stock for next day delivery, Ney will always be a dependable partner for you to rely on.”

To arrange a demonstration, contact the company.