The machine is designed for heavy timber engineering, and is already proving popular among existing Maka customers familiar with the rugged and reliable functionality of the original HC57 and heavy-weight PM270 models.

Maka designed the PE90 in response to customers’ demands for faster and more flexible machine centres, yet without giving up the strength, power and precision the Maka user is accustomed to. According to Iain Young at Maka, the customer today also needs robust, flexible clamping solutions, enabling one man to set up and produce to order, instantly – even for the most demanding and complex joinery parts.

Maka set the benchmark for five-axis technology some years back with its ease of programming and setting. The developments have further enhanced these key features too, not just to raise the bar, but to help users respond faster, to shorten learning curves and development time.

Working with wood – especially the larger joinery sections required for conservatories, windows and stairs – can take a lot out of a machine, resulting in poor precision, breakdowns, and ultimately, project delays.

The latest PE90 further convinces with its uncompromising strength and power and the machine is readily capable of milling aluminium. Not only are the standard 12 or 20kW spindle options highly capable, but much more importantly, the solid construction of both the machine and clamping devices are robust enough to support such high loads and operate reliably.

To assist one-man operation, Maka also has a simple device for handling heavy parts. A turnover device for heavy doors is just one example, which saves time and money for the user. The turnover not only reduces the burden on the operator, but also by flipping the door 180°, the door leaf is repositioned accurately every time in one step, saving time again.

The device is available in both the manual version as illustrated, and in a fully-automatic version.

Another key introduction, or rather re-introduction, is the return of the Maka Spindle.

Many existing customers will be familiar with this, and long requested its re-introduction.

Maka machines are renowned for their strength and total reliability with some still running well on original bearings for 10 years.

The new Maka Spindle features many modern improvements, including four sensors, a mini-encoder and vibration monitoring.

Modern safety and energy-saving technologies have also been incorporated as a matter of course, and are also available with HSK A63 and F63 nose ends to meet an even wider range of operational requirements.

The Maka spindle is made and serviced in-house too, offering quicker turnaround and lower-cost service.

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Maka PE90 CNC clamping bars with saw in router spindle