Drawers which glide open and close silently with the merest touch and no power connection – another stride forward for Hettich’s industry-leading drawer system, ArciTech.

The ‘Push to open Silent’ system has achieved with purely mechanical means all the functionality and pleasure of electromechanical actions, but without their associated wiring and complicated assembly.

This innovative new mechanism received the iF Design award 2014 at BMW Weld in Munich, and has just been launched in the UK.

With ‘Push to open Silent’ fitted, a gentle press on the front panel is all it takes to open ArciTech drawers in silence to their full extent. Closing is just as simple, even on wide drawers.

Opening force is adjustable to allow for user preference and varying laden drawer weights up to 60kg. The system is positioned under the drawer out of view, and retrofitting can be undertaken without modifying existing ArciTech drawer components.

With front panel adjustment and generous opening depth, ‘Push to open Silent’ from Hettich lends precision and quality to the look and function of cutting-edge kitchens.