The Weeke ABD 260 Optimat CNC drilling and dowel inserting machine is the perfect complementary product for all nesting solutions. The compact machine boasts high-speed, vertical and horizontal drilling gears, each with individually selectable spindles as well as one horizontal dowel insertion aggregate.

All three axes are CNC-controlled and thus ensure top quality production with a variety of materials including MDF, MFC and plywood. The ABD 260 is available in two versions which can handle workpiece dimensions of either 800 x 1250mm or 800 x 2800mm. The operator is able to manually adjust the length and thickness of the workpieces, using up to eight clamping cylinders to allow easy and fast materials handling. The central stop can be pneumatically lowered by a manual control switch to allow the flexible handling of larger workpieces. Operators can choose whether to feed two or four workpieces at one time, using an active lateral stop.

This results in a significant reduction in loading times when locating workpieces. Precise vertical and horizontal drilling and dowelling in a single machine The ABD 260 features a vibrating conveyor, fed from the top of the machine, providing the automatic infeed of wooden dowels of various dimensions according to specific customer requirements. The CNC-controlled X/Y/Z axes ensure great precision whilst drilling and inserting dowels, every time.

Featuring a low-pressure double membrane glue pump, the ABD 260 provides consistently high quality results. The double membrane ensures that the glue store is pumped from both sides. Not only does this provide consistent fluid glue application but it also reduces leaks and prolongs the glue life.

Additionally, the low-pressure of the compact glue pump ensures there is reduced noise level and low energy consumption. The dowelling tool features a glue injector which can be adjusted by the operator to manage the amount and flow of glue applied. The flow of the adhesive itself is electronically monitored to ensure that the dowels are not inserted dry. Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director for Homag UK, says: “Whether the ABD 260 is purchased as an individual machine or a complementary product to be used in connection with a CNC processing centre, it has perfected accurate, bespoke drilling and dowelling in one short cycle.

“This machine is a sound investment for kitchen, bedroom and office furniture manufacturers and coupled with our flexible finance solutions, it is certainly an affordable machine. “The ABD 260 eliminates the need for manual dowel insertion, which not only minimises the amount of manual labour needed, but also provides a cleaner panel and saves time and money during production.

“Controlled by Homag’s own woodWOP software package, the ABD 260 utilises one of the most established CNC-programming systems worldwide, making it quick and easy to operate and move between panels of various dimensions accurately and effortlessly.” To see a demonstration of a Weeke ABD 260, contact Adele Dixon at Homag UK.