After months of research, development and testing, Gladiator Adhesive Products has formulated a specialist polyurethane adhesive which solves a range of key issues for carpenters, joiners and furniture manufacturers.

Gladiator Adhesives Products Ltd is a family-run firm located in Camarthenshire, south west Wales. The company’s adhesive products are the brainchild of two of the directors, one a joiner with thirty years experience and the other with over fifteen years sales experience within the construction industry.

Both directors were aware of an issue exisiting coloured adhesive products – the only options available came in liquid form and this not only was messy to apply and finish, but it also seemed a wasteful process and generally unsatisfactory.

And so, the Gladiator directors hit upon the idea of a gel-based adhesive dispensed efficiently and cleanly from a cartridge. The company then worked with its German partner firm to develop a tan coloured thixotropic gel-based adhesive to be dispensed using an industry-standard cartridge.

Gladiator PUR 241 Rapid Adhesive provides excellent bonding strength on wood and most construction materials including plasterboard, rubber, concrete and thermal installation materials.

One of the Gladiator directors, Neil Murray, a joiner with over thirty years experience, helped put the adhesive through rigorous testing using extensively it in his joinery shop until it was the adhesive was perfected. In total, it took 18 months of testing for the formulation to be complete.

The company currently has one distributor called GSJ Abrasives & Industrial Supplies Ltd, but is actively seeking a wider distribution network.

Gladiator PUR 241 features
– The colour blends with most woods so you cannot see the join in the timber
– Once the glue is dried it is very easy to clean off
– It has a great initial grab when sticking two objects together
– Fully waterproof and heat resistant
– It foams slightly on application to fill small gaps, which increases bond strength
· For interior and exterior use
· It conforms to EN204 (D4)
· As it a gel, it has less mess and wastage
· It can be used vertically and horizontally