Blum has introduced its latest innovation to its range of lift systems – the Aventos HK-XS is designed for compact wall and high unit cabinets and offers effortless opening from a single-mounted stay and hinged with Blum CLIPtop Blumotion soft-close hinges.

The Aventos HK-XS is a small program with a wide variety of applications and will be perfect for small cabinet depths from 125mm and for low frontal heights.

As with all Aventos products, it has a step-less stop opening so that it will stop and stay in any desired position. The user will experience an effortless, feather light opening and closing action and this can be aided by Blum’s Tip-On auto mechanical opening system for handle-free cabinet designs.

Assembly and adjustment is straightforward and easy, including three-dimensional front adjustment.

The Aventos HK-XS has been tested to 80,000 cycles so Blum can guarantee it for the lifetime of the furniture made and, should it be used on wider, heavier doors, a symmetrical stay can be used on the other side.

The small installation depth means that it can be used on cabinets to use optimal space in the kitchen, such as above extractors or for cabinets with cornice or crown mouldings.

And, of course, for those that manufacture bathroom, bedroom or home office furniture, the new Aventos HK-XS brings significant advantages.