On a prominent stand with its tooling partner Hoffman, Ovvo Solutions launched its novel clip fitting to an enthusiastic audience at W14.

Based in Dundalk, Ireland, Ovvo Solutions’ eponymous clip fitting is a simple to use push-fit system which creates a strong join between two pieces of material.

The slide release system lets users assemble and unassemble products efficiently and joins both parts with either the releasable or non-releasable clips. There is also a non-release system  for permanently connecting materials together.

During tests, the strength of the self-clamping Ovvo system was repeatedly validated when the various boards and substrates used all failed before the clipping system.

It is an ‘invisible’ system with a satisfying click action that locks the two piece together: simply press to click and a seamless joint is made. Compared to other connecting fittings, Ovvo creates a very tight bond without having to use hand tools, glue or screws – and there appears to be no fear of over- or under-tightening.

Ovvo can be used with CNC capabilities as well as a hand-held and bench tool system courtesy of its tooling partners: Hoffmann and Mafell.

The key efficiencies of using the Ovvo clip are that is becomes a two-step milling process rather than the traditional three-step routine; it reduces transportation cost due to the flat-pack assembly; and the company claims an 80% reduction in site assembly time.

Director Niall Wiseman was very pleased with the company’s outing at W14: “Manufacturers and joiners have told us our new fitting is an ideal product with a wide range of applications. Ovvo is a simple, efficient, fast and rewarding assembly process for the end user which does not need tools, glues or screws.

“We are delighted with the intial response to our fitting solution at W14, this is the first time for us a trade show and  we will be having a very busy few weeks following up on the enquiries generated at the show.”