JJ Smith officially unveiled a new fully-programmable single end tenoner at the recent W14 exhibition which attracted a great deal of interest with the model on demonstration actually being sold on the first day of the show.

The Dutch built Duin ProSet has been developed in close collaboration between the manufacturers and JJ Smith, with the latter having a high level of input relating to  the development of the software for the UK joinery market.

This quick setting, heavy duty single end tenoner  incorporates an industrial colour 10in graphic touch screen control unit for programming and memorising all the machining head positions.

Once the operator has easily and quickly entered all the required setting data into the control unit, all he then has to do is recall the relevant program number which then gives a description/name of the window/door to be produced. It is then just a case of pressing the start button and all the heads automatically and precisely move to the their required positions for that particular job.

This means that most of the manual adjustments normally associated with classical single end tenoners are eliminated, giving the ProSet machine a high level of versatility and flexibility plus excellent repeat machining accuracy. All main machine head movements are on precision ground bars with linear bearings controlled through individual servo drive units to give maximum  positioning accuracy.

Also, thanks to the automatic vertical lifting of the safety guards, and hinged-top electrically-interlocked safety guard, the machine is compact in design while still affording maximum operator safety.

As standard, the machine is equipped with a cut-off saw, top- and bottom-tenon heads and a 180mm-long vertical scribe shaft. It also has two, top, vertical pneumatic workpiece clamps mounted on the sliding carriage – the height setting of the which is via a hand wheel with siko mechanical height readout. In addition, there is a quick-change clamping system for the chip breaker.

Options include an LCD readout for the fence stop, one for the fence angle setting, horizontal pneumatic clamp  and motorised movement of the carriage.

Also on request a 300mm long x 50mm diameter scribe shaft which can be fitted with the facility to add a second scribe shaft with either 180mm or 300mm working length. On request special configurations can be considered.