Uni edgings with special surface structures exhibit not only visually but also haptically the impression of quality. Now the edging specialist Ostermann has extended its range of edges with three new uni Linea structured edgings.

The Linea structure with fine, irregular lines gives plain coloured surfaces not only more vitality but also a more natural look. The dynamic looking structure of the edging is reminiscent of that found on naturally grown surfaces.

In addition to the existing uni colours of Snow White, Crystal White and Black, Ostermann now delivers these solid-colored ABS edges with the attractive Linea structure. Also available with a Linea structure are the colours Arctic White, Light Grey and Stone Grey with the decors Ceramic Wood, Alluminio, Nougat Metallic and Gold Metallic rounding off the range.

The new uni edgings with Linea structure, are available from Ostermann in the dimensions 23, 33, 43, and 100 or 104 x 1 or 2mm.