The Coretex Group reports that it is delighted with the response to last year’s launch of its lightweight TimberLite panel range having been well received by the joinery, bespoke furniture and interior design markets.

The Coretex Group is a specialist lightweight panel supplier based in Cheltenham, Gloucester. Headed by managing director, Geoff Layland, the firm has strong engineering roots and is dedicated to the design, production, sales and marketing o f lightweight composite sturcures and composite panel process machinery.

For designers and manufacturers who may not be up to speed regarding lightweight technology, impressive weight savings of 40-80% can be achieved – when compared to solid MDF and plywood panel material – and can still retain much of the structural integrity required.

“Typical thicknesses are 10mm to 50mm and up to 100mm is possible,” explains Geoff, “and this allows the designer to reduce the weight of large and thick items of furniture, tables, doors, walls, scenery, ceiling installations, etc, – in fact any area that can benefit from a lighter weight solution.

Coretex’s TimberLite product is manufactured from a range of MDF and plywood skin materials and bonded to lightweight structural cores such as expanded Polystyrene (XPO), expanded Polystyrene, Poly propelene (PP) honeycomb and aluminium honeycomb.

Panels can be internally edge framed with added, localised hard points and full CNC drilling and routing services are offered. Traditional edgebanding techniques complete the look of a solid panel – but for minimal weight.

Where Coretex comes into its own is that it does not merely sell lightweight products, it can asses the process guide customers on the best choice of materials to suit a specific application and budget.

The TimberLite panel is supported by other structural panels in the Coretex range including AluLite aluminium honeycomb panels. Made with 0.9mm aluminium skins and an aluminium or PP Honeycomb core, AluLite is the ultimate in high strength and stiffness for minimal weight and ideal for high load applications, cantilevers and where the best flatness is needed. The specially primed aluminium skin surface allows immediate post processing for further laminating or veneering with minimal surface preparation.

“We have seen a significant growth in the use of our lightweight composite panels in all industries we support,” says Geoff, “but in particular in the joinery and timber trades.

“For many designers, reduced panel weight can broaden the design options and saves on transportation, handling and installation costs.

“Our solutions are bespoke but quick and cost-effective. We hold stocks of a wide variety of skin and core material so all panels are swiftly made to order so the client gets what they need rather than what is off the shelf. It works very well for many of our bespoke furniture clients.”

Datasheets for TimberLite, AluLite and other innovative lightweight products can be downloaded from the Coretex website.