Currently, this biodegradable cleaner – specially designed for the final cleaning of furniture surfaces – is once again available for furniture manufacturers, joiners and carpenters to order from Ostermann.

Ostermann has listened to numerous customer requests, and responded by reintroducing the acclaimed Redocol Finish Cleaner 61 back into its product range. A perfect companion to the popular DN Cleaner, the practical 500ml bottle with spray-head should be ever-present in every assembly kit.

The cleaner is suitable for the streak-free final cleaning of furniture. It is useful for practically every kind of surface –- glass, plastic, lacquer, linoleum and metal.

And solid surface material tops, aluminium surfaces, coated chipboard panels as well as mirrored and glass surfaces can likewise be easily cleaned with this biodegradable product.

Current tests prove that the cleaner can be simply and regularly used on sensitive acrylic surfaces, such as the attractive 3D acrylic edgings. However, with acrylic surfaces Ostermann recommends the cleaner be applied using a cloth, rather than spraying it directly onto surfaces.

Typical work residues, such as oleaginous and silicon agent stains, are quickly and easily removed. The highly effective antistatic formula helps repel dust and dirt, leaving behind a shiny resistant surface that provides long-term protection against new dirt accumulations. Hot surfaces are the only no-go area for this versatile cleaner.

Ostermann supplies Redocol Finish Cleaner 61 in three different sizes of container: the practical, refillable 500ml bottle with spray-head and in five or 20-litre canister form.