A 70s trend is back. Warm copper-coloured tones are becoming increasingly popular in home interiors. Ostermann stocks numerous edgings in various materials and shades for achieving the latest furniture designs in the colour of the moment – copper.

Whether as trendy accessories, such as a lamp or a vase, or in the form of stand-alone furniture pieces – copper colours, and the warm way in which they reflect light – bring a very special gleam to our living spaces.

Used in this setting, these cosy shades are perfectly suited to practically every material and colour. They work as well with cool, high-gloss white or black as they do with warm beige or grey. Glass and leather surfaces too can be readily combined with copper shades.

For furniture featuring the latest copper trends, Ostermann currently has a 3D acrylic edging and four different copper-coloured ABS edgings in stock. The 3D acrylic edging, Copper Brushed Smooth, is available in 23 x 2mm. In addition, the Bronze, Copper Metallic and Quartz Copper ABS edgings with embossed mini-pearl, are available in different widths and sizes.

Customers looking for that special copper sheen need look no further than Ostermann’s Copper Metallic high-gloss ABS edging.

And because the trend for warm copper shades will surely endure a while longer, furniture manufacturers/carpenters will soon be able to order an ABS edging with a copper-coloured solid aluminium finish.