Egger has launched a new collection of ABS edging for its MFC panels that realisitically replicates the look and feel of sawn timber planks.

What it calls end-grain edging is available for 12 of its latest wood grain decors and takes realism to a new level.

Elliott Fairlie, Egger UK’s head of decor development says: “As our wood grain decors became more and more realistic – particular our deeply-textured Feelwood synchronised pore range – we felt one piece of the jigsaw was still missing.

“Being able to see the vertical grain and detailing on the ends of the board might seem like a small thing. But it is this attention to detail and realism that lifts this product above the ordinary and makes all the difference to the discerning end-user.

“Using standard edging on the long sides, with end-grain edging on the ends finally creates an MFC panel that is reminiscent of real timber – from whichever angle you look at it.”

Egger’s 23 x 0.8mm end-grain ABS edging is available from UK stock with a one 75m roll minimum order quantity.