Curves, mouldings, carcasses. Here many manufacturers prefer, ABS edgings in 1mm thickness. Due to the continual expansion of the range, more than 18,000 edging to board matches are available to choose from.

Due to the flexibility and the small radius, the 1mm thick ABS edging is particularly popular for carcasses or furniture with mouldings or curves. Also the high gloss ABS edging are often chosen in a 1mm thickness, as only a small part of the gloss surface is lost at the radius. So the edging specialist Ostermann offers a large range of 1 mm ABS edgings to cover all of these requirements.

Europe’s largest 1mm edging range
In the last year Ostermann has expanded by almost 50 % Europe’s largest range of ABS edgings in 1mm. Thus one finds in the Ostermann Online Shop more edges in a thickness of 1mm than in any other online store. About half of the edges are accounted for by solid colours – from white to yellow and beige, greens, blues and reds, to grey, brown and black.

The other half is for decorative edging and fantasy decors in all colour groups – from A, for acacia, to Z for zebrano.

The filtered search in the Online Shop
Customers who would like to target edgings that are available in 1mm thicknes should definitely take advantage of the filtered search function available on the Ostermann online store.

This practical function can be found on the product pages, in the grey box at the left hand side of the site. Simply by clicking the appropriate check boxes, for example, ABS edges, Uni, white, width 23mm, thickness 1mm all white edgings appear that are available in the corresponding dimension. In this case, these are almost 50 different white edgings.

Diversity and service
In addition to the wide range of 1mm edging, ABS edgings are available in 0.4, 2 and 3mm thicknesses, as well as melamine, acrylic, aluminium and real wood edgings in various thicknesses.

Independent of the thickness, edgings are available from Ostermann in every width up to 104mm.

All stock articles ordered before 4pm are delivered within 24 hours.