The new thick-door and wide-angle variants of Hettich’s Sensys hinges offer visible and functional advantages for the latest cabinetry designs, which can easily be demonstrated to consumers.

These iF Product Design Award winners are now available in the UK.

The thick-door and wide angle hinges allow all the Sensys benefits on doors up to 32 mm thick. But they achieve this with a mere 1.9mm gap between doors, rather than the space of up to 10mm which is typically required to allow the more substantial doors to open unhindered.

“To be able to offer customers a solution for the thickest doors, but with tight gaps, is a seriously strong selling point in a market increasingly sensitive to aesthetics,” said Hettich UK marketing manager Colin Patterson.

Wide-angle hinge
The new wide-angle Sensys allows the cabinet door to open to 165˚, making access much easier. But there is another critical advantage unique to Hettich: full access to the cabinet can be achieved at 95˚ opening, meaning internal drawers can be accessed without opening the door to its full extent.

And being able to offer the wide-angle hinge on doors up to 32mm thick combines the advantages of both Sensys innovations.

The thick-door and wide-angle Sensys can be specified with the fully integrated Silent System. Equally the hinges can be left free-swinging to be compatible with Push-to-Open, or for multiple hinge situations on tall doors, where it is not necessary for all hinges to feature the Silent System to achieve the desired result.