As with all previous Ligna exhibitions, the venue provided Hoffmann with the opportunity once again to meet its many partners from throughout the world. For Hoffman, it is always a pleasure to listen to our dealers and gain from their inside knowledge of each other’s country. The firm’s partners in turn were able to discuss with each other, the changing markets and each to benefit from this information.

Hoffmann is an export-focused company with 80% of business coming from abroad. The first-hand experience of its partners is therefore invaluable – it is seen as instrumental in determining the comapny’s future sales strategy throughout the world.

Ligna 2015 saw the launch of an entirely new machine from Hoffmann Maschinenbau – the Flex Control NC machining centre. This versatile machine was designed with customer requirements at the forefront.

Primarily developed for the efficient production of structural and high strength wood joints, the machine is NC controlled for routing, drilling, chamfering and grooving – with surprising versatility. 

With its optimised work processes, automated workflows and individual, application-specific variants, the Flex Control can also be adapted for specific tasks in interior design, in furniture manufacturing, in window and door production and for large section wood constructions. The process optimiaes many performance criteria and achieves a high level of automation

The design is compact and space-saving. The machine performs the machining processes of routing, drilling, chamfering and grooves by precise three-axis NC technology with a powerful 4.5kW motor.

All working parameters are entered at the operator’s panel with intuitive 10.4in color monitor and touch-screen interface. Programs are accessed for the automatic positioning the working axes. The machine control panel can be integrated into the company network. Similarly, it is also possible for external data acquisition as well as the easy transfer from the network by USB sticks.

A reliable and safe operator environment is complemented by the eight-fold tool magazine and automatic tool change with quick-change function. For those who want more automation, the Flex Control can be equipped with an automatic work-piece in-feeding and/or out-feeding system and with a larger tool magazine.

Current maximum work-piece dimensions width 600mm, with a height of 300 mm and a depth of 150 mm.

The areas of application include:

Interior fittings
Frames, cornices, panels.

Handrail holes, grooves and holes in stringers, newel post preparation.

Door production
Door sets, architraves,  moldings, claddings, facings, frames, transom connections, lifting/sliding doors, patio door elements, olive/fitting/hinge rebates and drilling, corner bearings, lock box, striker-plate rebates, all corner mitres or butt joints.

Window manufacturing
For all drilling and milling, all profile systems, open/closed parapet, circular, wicker, curved, arched and slanted windows, cottage windows, stepped glass windows, wood/aluminum composite system, frame/sash sealing systems, glass ventilation, connecting using mitres with Hoffmann Keys and/or Hoffmann Keys with dowels, butt/countered frame corners with dowel/screw connections, glazing beads and glazing bead frames.

Frame joints
Diaphragms, base, crown moldings, drawers, frame doors, rungs and rails.

Timber construction
Node connections in post/rail constructions, glass façade elements with connection systems Hoffmann Key/anchor or for freeform machining and also Pocket rebates and pilot holes for fitting connections. Designed for all standard connection fittings such as Raico, Gutmann and Knapp.