The launch of these new D30 Lite Kneepads from Snickers Workwear means it’s time to consider opting for superior knee protection.

Leading the way in reliable and certified knee protection for professional tradesmen and women, the new D30 kneepads deliver the most advanced knee protection available today.

Delivering superior cushioning and protection, D30Lite is a high-tech material that’s flexible, durable and cut-resistant – according to CE Standard EN14404.

These dynamic kneepads also have an advanced ergonomic injection-moulded design that makes them mould around the knee while air channels provide ventilation for comfort when working in a kneeling position.

Like every other Snickers’ kneepad, the new D3OLite craftsmen kneepads are designed to fit Snickers Workwear’s unique KneeGuard positioning system which allows wearers to adjust the kneepads at different heights in the kneepad pockets to ensure correct positioning for maximum protection.