Festool is expanding its current 18v unplugged cordless range with the launch of a new compound mitre saw system, the HKC 55.

Designed to produce fast, precise and clean cuts, the HKC 55 comes with a powerful 5.2 Ah high-performance battery pack and brushless EC-TEC motor. The balanced weight distribution, simple operation of the hinged cover, intelligent angle and depth adjustment also help the user to work efficiently.

With no power cables, the HKC 55 is therefore ideal for construction work such as roofing. The new FSK trimming rail is available in three different lengths and a rubber spring, which is integrated in the trimming rail, automatically brings the HKC 55 back to the starting position, making the saw always ready to use for the next cross-cutting operation.

In order to provide more convenience and safety when sawing, the HKC 55 is equipped with a hinged cover. A lever inside the machine causes the pendulum hood to slide back. This provides a clear view of the saw blade and enables easy sawing, even when performing mitre cuts.

For maximum cutting performance and high cut quality, Festool offers three new, cross-cut, rip-cut and fine-cut saw blades, especially adapted for the HKC 55. Thanks to FastFix, the saw blades can be changed quickly and easily.

The HKC 55 benefits from Festool’s all-inclusive service and is available now.