H.B. Fuller aims to recognise trends and develop adhesive solutions to address industry challenges and changing market needs. Over 125 years of close collaboration with woodworking manufacturers has culminated in H.B. Fuller’s comprehensive adhesives range that provides robust solutions for customers.

H.B. Fuller’s technical experts attended Ligna 2015 to share the company’s latest adhesive solutions. Generating a lot of interest for the hundreds of visitors at its booth were Rakoll 4330, Rakoll 3780 and Swift-tak 4415.

The production of multi-functionality surface materials requires adhesives manufacturers to develop equally innovative and multi-functional adhesives, which can support or even enhance the performance of the final product.

Water-based foamable Rakoll 4330 is for high quality surface finishing and uses next generation PVAc adhesives.

Rakoll 3780 is a reactive hot melt adhesive specifically designed for flat lamination applications in the woodworking industry, delivering high initial strength for tensioned substrates.

Swift-tak 4415 is a polyurethane dispersion adhesive developed for membrane press processing of furniture fronts for kitchen cabinets. This product can be reactivated at lower temperatures, which makes it suitable for new thinner materials, and its high heat resistance is ideal for kitchen cabinet production.

Antje Gerber, durable assembly business director at H.B. Fuller, spoke at Ligna about how the company is celebrating 150 years of Rakoll. “This is a good day in our history, as we celebrate a very remarkable birthday. Since we acquired the company, we have continued to produce high quality Rakoll branded products, demonstrating our strong commitment to the woodworking industry.”

H.B. Fuller also shared the latest news on its €70m investment in Europe, India, Middle East and Africa. Specifically, its world-class Adhesive Academy, in Lüneburg, Germany, is nearing completion and is set to become an important hub for industry-leading product development and manufacturing solutions.