Following the successful launch of three synchronised pore decors in 2014, the Egger Zoom range has been updated with three new Feelwood decors – including one brand new texture – which uses advanced surface technology to align the decor print and texture to create a registered surface finish

The new texture added to the Feelwood range is ST37 Halifax Oak which is available in two colourways, H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak and H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak. The finish features deep cracks and knots to meet the increasing demand for more rustic materials.

Another new decor to be introduced is H3342 ST28 Sepia Gladstone Oak to complement the existing ST28 series which comprises three decors: H3325 ST28 Tobacco Gladstone Oak; H3309 ST28 Sand Gladstone Oak; and H3326 ST28 Grey Beige Gladstone Oak.

The new addition is a dark, elegant woodgrain that features the same knots and planking that characterises Egger’s popular Gladstone decors. All of the new introductions to the Feelwood range are available as laminate, melamine-faced panels and edging.

As well as increasing the number of decors in the Egger Zoom range, the company is now the first to bring to the market compact laminate with a synchronised pore finish.
Egger compact laminate panels are strong, extremely durable and moisture resistant, making them perfect for high traffic environments. They feature a solid black core and are available in an 8mm or 13mm thickness.

As well as being available in the three existing ST28 decors, it is also being produced in H1796 ST27 Natural Tortona and H1793 ST27 Lava Tortona, along with more dramatic finishes H3766 ST29 Dark Brown Cape Elm and H3760 ST29 White Cape Elm.

Egger head of marketing for the UK and Ireland, Nick McClughin, says: “Since launching our synchronised pore decors last year they have proven to be very popular and we’re extremely proud to bring synchronised pore compact laminate to the market as a world first. We’ve invested in new technology where the decor paper is aligned with the texture plate in the press to create a more authentic design.

“The demand for more realistic finishes has been growing rapidly and shows no sign of abating. By introducing robust decorative compact laminate panels and our new deep Feelwood textures, we aim to provide our customers with even more design options.”

Also new to the Zoom range are three other woodgrain decors: H1399 ST10 Truffle Riverside Oak; H3710 ST9 Natural Carini Walnut; and H3342 ST10 Natural Hickory, which are more contemporary versions of classic woodgrains.

To complement all of these new introductions a muted blue-grey has been added to the range. U636 ST9 Fjord is a subtle solid colour which combines well with the rustic finishes and contemporary woodgrains. It is ideal for the growing trends of greys, greens and blues.