With the J95, Sugatsune has demonstrated that it can add genuine value to an existing concept. The J65 is a concealed hinge, only bigger, big enough to support a 25kg door on just two hinges which makes it a solution for the ever-bigger doors that designers are specifying. It now comes with a glass door variant, an attractive chrome fascia and some optional covers which also act as a lock on the quick-release feature.

Another twist Sugatsune has added to concealed hinges is to produce them in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ideal for more demanding applications. The range is based around the 304B hinge, which, other than the metal it is made from, is entirely familiar.

For wood or composite doors, the HES3D range of architectural concealed hinges are typically accomplished pieces of engineering with a multi-link mechanism and full three-axis adjustability.

The HES3D-120 is of particular note because it carries all of the production values of its larger cousins but is suitable for doors as thin as 29mm making it perfect for built-in wardrobe doors.

Of course, hinges mounted to the side of the door are not always required. Pivot hinges will allow the hanging of several doors side by side without uprights and a hinge like the PH-01 will also allow adjustment vertically and in/out after installation to obtain the perfect fit.

For smaller doors, the PH-50 pivot hinge is ideal for inset doors where minimal visual clutter and the maximum use of space inside the cabinet is required. Largely invisible in use, the visible parts only complement design.

Sometimes it is inevitable that a hinge will be fully on view. Table hinges like the HG-MH are good for drop-down cabinet flaps where they form part of a continuous surface. With a full 180º movement, they can be used for foldaway worksurfaces too. They are made from aluminium and have a pleasing sheen in black, brown or silver.

Wherever possible, Sugatsune adds detail and value to its range of hardware. The company only manufactures a product once it is happy that it has a feature that makes it unique in the marketplace.

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