There are corners in kitchens across the globe waiting to be discovered. Because while many kitchens are designed to incorporate corners, the existing space is frequently not correctly used, is neglected or even forgotten. In many designs, the corners do not play a key role. Vauth-Sagel thinks differently. 

Most kitchens run across at least one corner, with two runs meeting each other. Underneath is an attractive space of around 60 x 60cm, which is frequently left unused – or used with awkward, simple shelf solutions offering users  insufficient access to stored items. For this reason, the corner cabinet offers huge potential for effectively exploiting storage space, particularly in smaller spaces.

With the Cornerstone product, Vauth-Sagel has now taken this space from out of the shadows. The innovative solutions allow the corner cabinet to glide out of corners – moving previously difficult-to-reach items into the view of the beholder in the process.

Rethinking the corner – comfortable utilising spaces
A simple and equally brilliantly-conceived system solution makes it possible. Cornerstone is a swivelling system component for corner cabinets that automatically extends the entire contents out of the cabinet upon opening the door. Here, the travel path is controlled and is confined to the area of the corner cabinet carcass.

This offers the advantage that utilising neighbouring cabinets or the dishwasher, for example, is not impeded. The opening angle of just 85° has been optimised in a way that the corner cabinet does not impact with other front panels, handles or walls.

With a flick of the wrist, the user can access small items just as easily as larger kitchen utensils. And closing the cabinets is also possible with a small movement of the door – with the shelf elements retreating virtually silently back into the corner cabinet.

Two strong characters
With two targeted design variants, Vauth-Sagel will be supplementing its product family: the Cornerstone and the Cornerstone MAXX. The Cornerstone is an all-rounder, equipped with symmetrical shelves and the corresponding mechanism, which measures just 75mm in height, among other things.

It is this that actually enables flexible utilisation, regardless of whether the corner cabinet is installed on the right or left. It also considerably simplifies storage. The actual installation into the carcass is extremely simple by screwing the central column to the carcass and the door coupler to the door.

Subsequently, the shelves and support arms are attached to the central column and the bottom shelf connected to the door coupler – all tool-free.

The Cornerstone MAXX – whose launch is planned for mid-2016 – offers maximum comfort, modern design and innovative features. With their asymmetrical shape, the two shelf surfaces offer even more storage space, are heavy load-compatible as both are suitable for weights of up to 25kg, are height-adjustable and swivel out of the carcass to an extreme extent.

Once again, the travel is controlled, although the shelves extend themselves and, when required, silently and autonomously retract into the cabinet. The Cornerstone MAXX offers superlative travel comfort. And, needless to say, this solution is also easy to install with just five steps required for the Cornerstone MAXX to be fully-functional.

The central installation of the mechanism is also by means of just a column that is centrally positioned in all cabinet types. The low height of the mechanism, measuring at just 58mm, is clear evidence that the designers and engineers worked in close collaboration.