Bosch has prioritised ease of use in the latest GCM 8 SDE Professional and GCM 12 SDE Professional compound mitre saws. Both tools have an intuitive operating concept that enables them to be adjusted for use with different materials even more easily and rapidly than their predecessors.

The GCM 8 SDE Professional is particularly compact and weighs in at just 18.5kg. This makes it the ideal tool for professionals on the move such as floor layers or joiners.

Where high cutting capacity is required, for example to cut thick timber beams, boards or planks, the GCM 12 SDE Professional provides cutting capacity of 120 x 400mm, with a standard 305mm saw blade. This tool offers the highest cutting capacity in its category, and is particularly suitable for tradespeople such as carpenters, landscape gardeners or stand constructors.

Both sliding mitre saws have a variable torque setting of 3500 to 5000rpm or 3100 to 4000rpm. This allows them the flexibility to cut a variety of materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

Both tools also include a bevel setting for both sides, and the bevel lock lever for this is located on the right-hand side next to the bevel scale. The position of this lever makes it simpler to operate, and tradespeople can fix the required angle more easily.

Both saws come with an SDS tool holder, so that the saw blade can be changed especially quickly and easily, without the need for additional tools. It enables the saw blade to be replaced in just a few steps.
For efficient dust protection, both models are equipped with a two-unit dust extraction system. One dust extractor is positioned on the tool body, behind the saw blade. A second dust extractor is fitted on the saw arm. Both mitre saws are compatible with the Bosch Click &

Clean System.

Other features of the new GCM 8 SDE Professional and GCM 12 SDE Professional sliding mitre saws include a laser-projected cutting line, a transport handle and two removable side extensions to safely machine longer objects.

The GCM 8 SDE Professional and GCM 12 SDE sliding mitre saws are available at specialist retail outlets for £379 and for £579. A premium-quality Expert for Wood saw blade is included for each saw. Expert circular saw blades offer a reliably high cutting quality and are available in a wide range of variants for a vast number of materials.

All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT.