Trotec has unveiled the latest addition to the Speedy line of laser engravers, the Speedy 360.

Developed with productivity, flexibility and usability in mind, the innovative Speedy 360 has been designed to incorporate a brand new focus mode featuring Sonar Technology. According to Trotec, Sonar Technology, based on ultrasonic sensors, provides the highest level of accuracy, ensuring precise engraving results.

Productivity by design
With a working area of 32 x 20in (813 x 508mm) the Speedy 360’s bed size has been designed to maximise the material usage of standard sheets of a wide range of materials. In addition, the high processing speed of 3.55m/sec and optional 120W power ensure optimum productivity.

Usability by design
As a leading innovator in the laser industry, Trotec constantly strives to refine design and performance. In doing so, Trotec have incorporated into the Speedy 360 a fully flexible front cover in order to improve accessibility, making the loading and unloading of heavy bulky items a simpler process.

Internal LED lighting provides a uniform illumination of the working area improving user comfort. The internal space within the laser has been optimised to provide maximum working area within a minimal overall footprint.

Flexibility by design
The Speedy 360 is available with a CO2 laser, a fibre laser or even both with Trotec’s patented Flexx technology offering endless possibilities in one laser system without the requirement to manually alternate laser tubes or lenses.
A range of tables and accessories such as the JobControl Vision camera system, designed for precise cutting applications, create a modular concept individual to individual requirements.

Profitability by design
Trotec points out that Speedy stands for maximum usability and flexibility, with the power to increase overall production capacity and efficiency. The closed design of the axis protects guide components from dirt and dust which guarantees minimal cleaning down time and the lowest cost of ownership. The Speedy laser engraving and cutting systems are the ideal choice for both entry-level users as well as professional engravers.

Trotec woodworking lasers are optimally suited to laser engraving and laser cutting a broad spectrum of wood types such as veneer, plywood, MDF, solid timber, beech, alder and balsa. Lasering is a contactless process, meaning no pressure is exerted on the wood, eradicating the risk of damage or splintering from clamps.

Furthermore, as the laser beam evaporates the wood, the cleaning process and waste disposal requirements are reduced, demonstrating the wide range of benefits a laser from Trotec offers woodworkers – whether working with small scale or large format products.