The benefits of choice with the efficiency of a platform concept define Hettich’s latest drawer system, InnoTech Atira.

This month, Hettich brings its latest double-walled drawer system, InnoTech Atira, to these shores. It will be complemented by Hettich’s ArciTech, which is already successful in the UK in the premium segment.

InnoTech Atira already has a strong pedigree behind it as it builds on the reputation of the globally-successful InnoTech drawer system. It has also received a Special Mention 2016 in the German Design Council Design Awards’ Kitchen category along with its stablemate the InLine S sliding door system which received the same accolade in the Furniture category.

The German Design Award is presented for outstanding products that are ground-breaking in the German and international design landscape.

The InnoTech Atira drawer system won over the jury with its straight lines, clean contours, colour choices and the versatile interior organisation solutions. It is the perfect evolution of InnoTech, bringing a fresh, contemporary appearance to this cabinet interior classic.

Production efficiency and choice
Various side elements are offered such as railing, TopSide, which goes under the railing, or the full DesignSide. With choices of colour, rear panel width and guides, there is a flexible and simple route to achieving a huge variety of individual solutions.

But InnoTech Atira combines these attractive options to create differentiation with high cost efficiency thanks to its platform concept. So, for example, easy upgrades from railing to TopSide or DesignSide do not affect drilling positions or the front panel. It is a recipe for complete design freedom.

From the partial extension runner offering the perfect entree into double walled drawer systems to a full extension, soft close Silent System or Push to Open solution, the functional aspects of InnoTech Atira based on the renowned Quadro runner follow the same flexible pattern.

Less is more interiors
We are in the era of the “less is more” interior according to Hettich. The more we merge our living spaces, the more consumers want a kitchen that stands out without shouting out and furniture which complements the kitchen rather than feeling at odds with it. Hettich believes sophisticated drawer systems, combined with sliding doors, one of the company’s other key product areas, will dominate.

This is what modern interior design is all about: clean, minimal lines, the merging of spaces, and technology which is both discreet and satisfying. InnoTech Atira is perfectly-paired with Hettich’s sliding door solutions, because when the cabinet is open, the story of clean minimal lines continues: form and function in harmony.