With the new Redocol Teclinex One-For-All, Ostermann has created a new generation of inline surface cleaners – it is a new development for use on all common plastic surfaces and ensures optimum milling and cleaning results when used in automatic edgebanding machines.

As its name suggests, the Redocol Teclinex One-For-All can be used at each section of the edgebander where it ensures a perfect edge finish and milling result. At the same time the cleaner is suitable for all edging material such as ABS, acrylic, PVC, PP, aluminium, melamine and real wood.

Advanced chemistry allows the residue-free cleaning of EVA hot melt adhesive, PUR adhesive and contact adhesive. At the same time the product can be used as a release agent for dirt and glue. Residue-free drying gives no problems for post-forming.

The cleaner is based on a vegetable-based alcohol (wheat distillate) and contains no emulsifiers or formaldehyde. The legally required environmental details are clearly written below. Since Redocol Teclinex One-For-All contains no silicones, over-painting is possible without any problems.

Efficiency across the board
If Redocol Teclinex One-For-All is used at each section on the edgebander, inventory and storage costs will reduce. At the same time compliance with the Hazardous Substances regulations is simplified due to lower inventory levels. Redocol Teclinex One-For-All is available in many pack sizes. The practical two litre container can be easily used in commercial spray systems.

Quality from Redocol
Like all products under the brand Redocol, Redocol Teclinex One-For-All meets the highest quality standards in professional applications and has been extensively tested on the main edgebanding machines using EVA hot melt adhesive and PUR adhesive, as well as machines with hot-air and laser technology. Finally, the private-label products are closely associated with the name Ostermann.

New smaller size
Ostermann has now introduced Redocol Teclinex One-For-All for machine-based and manual application in a one litre spray bottle for instant use in the workshop and for the finish cleaning on site.