Mirka is expanding its Pneumatic Random Orbital Sanders (PROS) range with the addition of two new dust bag machines, designed for multiple sanding applications, together with a new fleece dust bag which has been developed to increase the dust collection capacity of the sander and improve the air flow.

This will enable users to work in a healthier, dust-free environment as well as improve the life span of the products, leading to less down time when changing the bag.

The new PROS 550DB and 650DB provide effective and durable tools for professional sanding. These machines are built for maximum dust extraction at low suction power and have a low noise level even when operating at their 12,000rpm maximum. The PROS weighs in at less than 1kg, reducing the strain on the user’s arms, and its ergonomic design makes it user-friendly, with plenty of finger space for the controls that can easily be operated when gripping the machine with either the left or right hand.

The sanders’ innovative features include a revolutionary brake seal, which eliminates the possibility of causing deep marks in the surface when the fast rotating abrasive first touches the job. When the PROS is removed from the surface, the brake seal immediately brakes the rotation speed of the backing pad.

The PROS 550DB is available with 125mm pads and the PROS 650DB comes with150mm pads. Both are equipped with a dust extraction hose, pneumatic hose, fastening strips and the new fleece dust bag.

Pete Sartain, national sales manager – Industrial of Mirka UK, says: “We are continuing to invest in the development of high quality and user-friendly tools for our customers so that all sanding operations can be met easily. The innovative fleece dust bag has a much larger capacity than other bags on the market and improves the air flow of the machine so that a dust-free environment can be achieved. ”