Decorative Panels Lamination has recently introduced the very heavily structured finish, Ocean Drive as a stock design. It is a WPC (wood-plastic composite) substrate, coated with a polyolefin-based film.

Ocean Drive is ideal for the surface-coating of various wood-based materials and is used in the production of high-quality furniture components, wall and ceiling panels. The feature of this surface material is its unique heavily-textured surface with a three-dimensional quality.

At first glance this material may appear tricky to edge, however it is actually quite straight-forward and can give an impressive result, as Julian Tatham, The Decorative Panels design director explains:

“Any edging material from 0.8mm to 3mm can be used. Our view is that the best visual results are obtained with 0.8mm edging although thicker edging will allow a larger tolerance when setting the chamfer as detailed below.

“First, measure the thickness of the finished board – Ocean Drive material is up to 2mm thick so the width of edging used and the height setting on your edgebander needs to account for this extra thickness.

“Next, select the chamfer cutting section of your trimming blocks, set the trimming block so that they trim back the edging and also cut back into the surface material but go no lower than the lowest valley in the surface material as in the illustration below. 

“The trimmer can be set lower than the lowest valley but only to trim into the edging – so the thicker the edging the lower the chamfer can go. A little trial and error may need to be used to refine the setting and to get the look that you are happy with.”

The Decorative Panels Group website is now responsive for easy viewing on different platforms and is full of information on all its products and companies. As the primary point of reference for design selection from Decorative Panels’ extensive collection of dp-decor and dp-specialist finishes, the company has enhanced the functionality and interactive experience in a number of ways.

This includes having all its designs on screen with the ability to filter through species, collections and shades, design assistance with swatches featuring complementary and alternative colourways, and all company literature and design swatches available to view on screen and download.