For the delivery of furniture to the retailer or end consumer, it’s imperative that the transit and handling of these high value and often large or heavy items are fully protected to decrease the likelihood of having to replace or refund customers. Both these things can impact the costs and reputation of a business, therefore it is essential that good quality, reliable protective packaging is available.

As one of the UK’s leading distributors of packaging, Kite Packaging offers one of the most extensive ranges of protective packaging on the market, providing a diverse range of solutions to customers.

Kite Packaging has a wide range of Nomafoam, Foam Edge Protection, made from low density polyethylene providing ideal protection from impact damage as well as forms of surface damage such as scratches and dents. With a range of different types of profiles and a wide range of corner- and edge-protection, anyone wanting to use this product will be sure to find the perfect solution.

Especially popluar in the kitchen and furniture industry – particularly with manufacturers – Kites’ L-shaped and U-shaped foam edge protectors, available in different sizes to accommodate different dimensions of a product, are ideal. They are supplied in boxed quantities and each length is typically two metres long making them ideal for larger items.

Kites’ mini-rolls of stretch film are a cost effective and easy way of securing foam edge protection to a product such as doors and kitchen worktops. All foam protection in this range is easy to handle, apply and secure to products, ensuring efficiency during the process.

Also available in Kites’ range is the furniture specific packaging – the Jiffy Furni-guard and Funri-soft are both designed for wrapping and protecting furniture with delicate and easily marked or scratched surfaces.