Furniture manufacturers know the Morbidelli brand as a reference point for high performance drilling and routing CNC machining centres. The Author M range offers some of the best technological know-how from the Morbidelli brand through highly-productive and flexible machining solutions giving many capabilities to adapt to the different industry standards required by the manufacturing environment.

The constant and continuous development of the Author M range has led to the introduction of important innovations such as the automatic TV Flexmatic worktable that presents a new concept – instant locking of the suction cups directly to the bar without the need of pre-installed supports.

This solution allows the use of suction cups in a variable number, on each bar according to the size and shape of the piece to be processed. With no room for errors, the automatic detection of suction cups number and position on the bars guarantees the best precision and quick set-up in any situation.

With stability of panels during the working phase thanks to the mechanical locking of suction cups on the bars, the system is also ideal for the use of high holding pneumatic clamps when the size and type of the pieces require it.

These innovations combined with the sturdy structure and mobile gantry, are designed to ensure maximum rigidity. With the five-axis machining unit ideal for any type of machining, and its efficient safety systems,

Author M is a real concentration of technology for those who are looking for high-quality standards.