With over 125 years of manufacturing know-how, Joos is recognised for its quality processing of a wide range of materials such as plastics, metals, composites and, of course, wood.

For almost 25 years now, Homag UK has been the official distributor of Joos products in the UK and Ireland.

Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK explains why: “The Joos range of hydraulic presses stands out as the most reliable and efficient in the industry. This is underlined by the many satisfied customers and numerous business awards Joos has won over the years.”

Joos provides pressing solutions for companies of all sizes. Its product offering includes standard veneering presses (single or multi-daylight); throughfeed lines (lengthwise or crosswise) for small and large volume production and bespoke moulding/forming presses for curved or shaped parts.

“Joos presses are one of the industry’s best kept secrets,” continues Simon. “Whilst we have sold large numbers in the UK market, you rarely hear anything about them and the reason for this is simple – they are so reliable, they just run and run without issues, providing top quality bonding day after day, week after week.”

As well as the woodworking and plastics industries, you will find Joos in almost every market where lamination or bonding is required including aerospace, automobile manufacturing and ship building. 

Veneer presses – the BEU 90 hydraulic press
The BEU 90 is a cost effective, single daylight heated press designed for pressing veneer, paper foil and continuous pressure and high pressure laminates onto wooden substrates such as chipboard, plywood, MDF or similar solid boards.

As with nearly all Joos presses, the BEU 90 is available with either electric or fluid medium heating platens and offers very short cycle times.

State-of-the-art throughfeed presses
The Joos DLP series sets the standard for throughfeed presses. Simon Brooks again: “The DLP150 is both economic and ecological, two key benefits in today’s cost-conscious, environmentally-aware world. Being a throughfeed machine, it is ideal for inclusion in a production line to deliver a continuous working process.”

Featuring state-of-the-art heating technology, the DLP150 has accurate control devices to ensure safe and cost-effective production. It is the perfect machine for mid to large veneering or door manufacturing businesses wanting a reliable solution to increase their productivity whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

A solid investment
Robustly engineered and specifically designed for the woodworking arena, Joos presses continue to set new standards. “Once you have seen a Joos press in action, you will understand why it is an investment that will pay dividends over and over again,” concludes Simon Brooks. To see a demonstration of a Joos press call Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.