Weeke’s new five-axis Venture BMG 115 has raised the bar for technically advanced compact CNC machines. The introduction of this genuine entry level five-axis CNC model represents a real milestone, bringing complex CNC production within the reach of the smaller manufacturer.

The Venture BMG 115’s installation area has been reduced by 15% and the operator has free access from all sides, making it quick and easy to set up and operate. The BMG 115 also comes with an optional patent-pending convenience package.

This features a start/pause/stop button on the machine frame itself, along with proximity scanners on the gantry which detect people or objects that get too close, stopping the processing immediately to avoid accidents.

“The new Weeke Venture BMG 115 is a superbly engineered entry level five-axis CNC machine,” enthuses Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director at Homag UK. He continues: “The designers have thought long and hard about the machine’s working environment and made life much easier for the operator. Everything from the large inspection window to the 360 degree access and the movable powerTouch terminal is designed to make it a simple, efficient and cost-effective CNC to run.”

Venture BMG 115 – the new five-axis powerhouse
The Weeke Venture BMG 115 features a new Drive5CS five-axis head for high performance versatility. The design of the unit, with the release mechanism in the housing rather than the spindle, allows a more compact construction which reduces lever forces. The spindle is powered by a new 10kW motor with the option to upgrade to a more powerful 13.2kW version, if required.

The five-axis BMG 115 has two separate Z-axes, one for the drill head and the other for the main spindle. This means large tools can stay in the main spindle while the drill block is in use, saving on tool changer time. The standard machine also includes 12 vertical and six horizontal drills with a 0-90° groove saw. 

New patent-pending convenience package
The Weeke Venture BMG 115 can be specified with the new convenience package which enables the operator to start, pause or stop the machine using a simple button on the front of the machine gantry.

Proximity scanners on the gantry itself act as a safety device which stops processing automatically if someone or something gets too close to the gantry whilst the machine is in action. Once the danger has been removed, the operator can resume the job without delay.

Unique console table design
Unlike other models on the market, the Venture BMG 115’s consoles do not overhang at the front. This means that not only do all workpieces have good support, but also the waste material from the workpieces falls into the centre of the machine and not onto the floor in front of it. 

Ultimately, using this construction technique, the machine frame itself is much more rigid and heavier than other comparable machines. This provides a solid foundation from which the substantial gantry can be mounted without loss of surface finish quality on the end product.

To further enhance its performance, the BMG 115 can be fitted with an optional waste removal conveyor belt. This wide conveyor runs the length of the machine under the console table, efficiently removing waste as it is produced.

The machine has scales and pointer clamps as standard. If, however, faster, more accurate clamping is required, the BMG 115 can be specified with either a cross-beam laser or LED display clamping system.

Mobile control unit
To give the operator more freedom, the powerTouch control monitor has been mounted on a separate mobile unit so the operator can place it in the optimum location for each job or operation.

The Venture BMG 115 uses the powerControl PC 86 hardware, a modern control system based on a Windows PC with Windows 7 operating system and an Intel CPU. The machine is controlled using the renowned woodWOP 7 software package which offers fast and intuitive operation thanks to simple and direct navigation.

With 3D images of workpieces, processing and clamping equipment, woodWOP offers increased programming security. In addition, as the most popular control software available worldwide, it has the largest online forum for CNC programming – www.woodWOP-Forum.com – giving users a vast knowledge bank at their fingertips that can be accessed 24/7.

“The new Weeke Venture BMG 115 is a compact and versatile entry level five-axis CNC processing centre,” concludes Simon Brooks, “its small footprint, unique console table design, mobile control unit and new convenience package give it a real edge in terms of affordable productivity and performance. Our Homag Finance team are able to offer flexible finance solutions on the BMG 115 making five-axis machining more affordable than ever before.”

If more information on the five-axis Weeke Venture BMG 115 CNC processing centre or details of available finance packages are required, call Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.