Decostone is one of the most striking finishes developed by Decolan, the Swiss-based company, a leader in the decorative surfaces industry. 

Decostone is a real split stone and for this reason it’s waterproof, fire retardant and environmentally friendly. The veneers are split into thicknesses of 1 or 2mm from large real stone slabs, capturing a natural array of patterns and colours and making each sheet a unique piece. Each sheet is extremely light, weighing just 1.5kg per m², allowing a real stone finish to applications that would nearly be impossible with a traditional stone.

Thanks to the polyester resin and fibreglass, which is applied to the back of each sheet, Decostone is extremely strong and flexible – exactly like a laminate – and it can be easily fitted to curved surfaces such as furniture, pillars and walls. 

The changing colours, vivid patterns and unique textures combine to make each sheet a wonder to the eyes. Each one among the 16 different available varieties has its own unique beauty in look and texture, boasting a particular design that can be both classic and modern. 

Decostone is not just an innovative product, it’s the ideal choice for creating a world-class finish on furniture or an eye-catching furniture door, making it a special and distinctive part of the room. 

Being a 100% waterproof stone, thanks to the special coating applied to the surface, Decostone is an innovative choice for kitchen and bathroom furniture: not only does it ensure a great durability and resistance to humidity, but it also provides an amazing impact in terms of aesthetics, conveying a luxury and valuable sensation. For these reasons, and for its light weight, Decostone is widely used not only for homes and offices, but also in hotel and yacht fitting.

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