Above: Kew Green Hotels Group worked with Voodoo DesignWorks using 3M's DI-NOC to refurbish the curved main reception desk at its Ibis Styles Crewe outlet. 

Designers, architects and manufacturers of commercial and domestic furniture and associated fittings now have access to a wide range of surface finishes that faithfully replicate the appearance of natural materials. 

In addition to enabling a raft of new creative ideas, DI-NOC Architectural Finishes from 3M can be used to refurbish virtually any worn or outdated surface without the need for full replacement of the original constructions and at a fraction of the cost. The PVC films can be applied to all kinds of furniture, including work and table tops and doors, as well as columns, walls, ceilings, floors and partitions.

Available in over 900 distinctive and visually stunning finishes as diverse as wood and wood tones, metal, marble, stone, leather, carbon fibre-effect and stucco, DI-NOC offers a number of key benefits in application. In addition to radically reducing the cost of replacement, the films can be applied to both flat and complex convex/concave surfaces and purposely removed to meet any future changes in design requirements. 

The films are also highly durable and have an effective lifespan of up to 12 years. They are also resistant to the ingress of water and dirt, the effects of impact wear and abrasion and meet the latest IMO flammability requirements. In most cases, the films also carry a Class O + 1 fire rating and require no harsh chemical cleaning agents to maintain their original pristine condition.

DI-NOC has already been used extensively in a number of high-profile refurbishment projects. Among the most notable of these was its use by a Voodoo DesignWorks design for the Kew Green Hotels Group to refurbish the curved main reception desk at its Ibis Styles Crewe outlet. Luxury wood tones created using DI-NOC transformed a rather ordinary-looking desk into a sleek and aesthetically pleasing feature that complements the overall ambiance of the hotel.

As part of the re-branding of leading healthcare and insurance provider PruHealth to Vitality, DI-NOC films were also used to transform the main reception area at the company’s primary location. The films were also employed for new interior wall signage and a complete reworking of the furniture. In further similarly high-profile refurbishment projects, DI-NOC was used by the Post Office to refurbish the counters at 6500 main and local outlets and more recently for the refurbishment of the bar counter of the Guinness Dugout at the Thomond Park Stadium in Limerick, Ireland. 

In each case, all of the design and ID requirements were faithfully met with brilliant design-led solutions using DI-NOC. Most significantly, however, these were achieved without any loss of visual appeal or design differentiation and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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