A wide range of HPL continues to inspire designers with impressive realism and authenticity. For the furniture industry, Decolan, leading supplier with more than 20 years of experience in the decorative design industry, offers a wide range of high pressure laminates (HPL), a collection which is undergoing steady expansion to always provide higher quality, incredible durability and maximum versatility.

The range has been recently expanded with the newly-added Materica range, which is becoming increasingly successful thanks to its warm looks natural, tactile characteristics that inspire a return to simplicity and nature, and with the impressive SYNCHRO4U laminate. 

Decolan says this is the first embossed-in-register HPL, where the grain texture precisely matches the surface finish allowing endless possibilities of application together with its unique tactile and embossed finish conveying the warmth and the beauty of the real wood.

As the name itself suggests, this laminate features a haptic emboss combined with a synchronised texture, resulting in an authentic finish, similar to a real piece of wood. Thanks to the faithful look, the highest aesthetic impact and the subtle chromatic variations, not only is this laminate ideal for decorating vertical walls, but also for horizontal pieces of furniture in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Last but not least, Antique Wood – a three-layer panel in real wood, chipped and brushed – is a guaranteed, balanced, harmonious mix of planks that Decolan offers to designers and architects. There are no outliers with bright or grayed planks, and yet, each panel is unique. 

Even the surface is authentically modelled by chipping and brushing the three-layer panel. Decolan says that Antique Wood is unique as well as multi-functional.

As usual, all of Decolan ranges have the Greenguard Greenlabel certification certification.